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Since our inception, Weblog has successfully aimed to provide a unique platform replete with the best solutions and inspirations for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Comprised of an incredible and motivated team of social thinkers, we are a brand that produces, publishes and optimizes content on the web with the purpose of assisting the interest of stakeholders in a wide variety of sectors, from design to fashion as well as luxury lifestyle. Ultimately, Weblog is an inbound marketing project that can create quality traffic and leads for one’s website, exceeding expectations and results.

Interview with Patrícia Pinho
Weblog CEO

Weblog, a Content Marketing Team that is Revolutionizing the World of Interior Design

How do you define Weblog as a brand? What was the reason behind its foundation?

Weblog is a specialized brand in content marketing that focuses on the world of design. We are an exceptional platform that offers the best solutions and inspirations not only to industry professionals as well as design enthusiasts. We seek to become a sort of design bible comprised of a series of blogs that are seen, searched upon and read all across the world, thus dominating search engines and keywords in everything that is related to interior design. Our specialty is to promote brands that are our clients visible to their stakeholders, from end consumers to those who studied design or are simply design lovers. Our noble mission is to make everyone feel informed, inspired and with brand-new ideas.

What has been the formula for Weblog’s continuous growth?

The growth of Weblog is mostly due to the fact that we are an informative platform with a focus on a wide variety of worldwide markets. We anticipate and satisfy the desires and needs of design lovers. Furthermore, since 2011, we have come to develop a working network with bloggers from all over the world, so this way, we are able to disclose content that is relevant from city to city. This takes precedence through the publishing of content in an efficient and dynamic manner, leveraging our partnering brands, and helping them assert themselves as a worldwide benchmark. It is also a part of our DNA assisting to conserve the ancient arts and crafts in the sector of interior design through diverse publications.

Which markets do you mostly work on? Do you have an eye on other markets?

At this moment, Weblog has a major impact in the USA, especially in states like New York and California. In Europe, Germany, France, Italy and Russia as well are some of our strongest markets. We already have 100 blogs, a number that is soon bound to grow when we embrace markets, such as Asia and Oceania.

What type of themes can be found in Weblog’s portfolio of blogs?

Themes go from design agendas of the leading European capitals to blogs regarding the best interior designers, design events and products, they are also related to inspirations and styles that are current in the world of interior design. Above all, Weblog follows trends in real time and with the detail demanded by our audience. The secret of our brand lies in the continuous updating and retention of our readers that are always potential clients. This is something that only a highly specialized and motivated team can offer.

What makes Weblog different from its competition?

The fact that we have the ability to gather worldwide professionals, in particular, those who work in design, in a unique environment. Weblog is an immersive experience of trends, inspirations and markets on a global scope. It is being a part of an event anywhere in the world, through a mobile phone or tablet, and have access to information that really matters, in a prompt, concise and direct way.

How do you describe the current situation of the brand?

Moments of growth with a few technological challenges coming in between, but our team is more than ready to face these challenges. A moment of looking and showing to the world the arts that were in the inception of some of the biggest names and brands of worldwide design, that to this date, more than ever, still exist through reinterpretations and its inclusion in the most diverse products and projects. We live in a time where arts and crafts merge together with technology, in order to accompany the evolution of our society and the way we live now in our homes and our cities.

How do you imagine to be the future of Weblog?

An editorial staff that is comprised of people who are passionate about writing and interior design that are ready to go after news and setting trends in the world of interior design and other areas like, for example, fashion. Weblog has the motivation to become the largest online medium of design in the world, let’s say a kind of design wikipedia, where lack of inspiration completely vanishes and every inspiration and idea can be found through the world’s best brands, designers and events. In the future, the best online design stores will be powered by Weblog.